OH, little striped almost-gourd-squash – it’s good to see you! Thank you, Mazza family, for growing huge quantities of these little guys, and selling them for little more than $1 each.

Once the first hint of fall hits the air, I become torn between wanting a few more hot summer days, and driving out immediately in search of hayrides and or pumpkins to buy and put on my deck (and to later make pie out of!!)

I think I am allowed now – last weekend I went apple picking, and had to make apple crisp because I realized I do not own a rolling pin…hmmm.

But back to Delicata. Jamie actually eats it, and it’s easy to make. I’m just going to cut it in half (take out the seeds and roast them, too, mmmmm) put some butter, salt, pepper and honey inside and roast them until they are soft! Simple simple yum yum, simply yum.

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