First slush tonight

And I’m staying in.

I want skills. But more than just the skills (which are easy enough to gain) I want to get good at them, to do them over and over again until it becomes true knowledge and meditation. Like baking bread: Bread idea.

Guess that means taking the time to do something, regularly. I hope I am capable of something like that. I am comforted in some ways that perhaps this is a skill that is not mastered when one is young, that maybe as I get older, I will be able to sit still for longer periods of time, to think less, to slow and focus my thoughts. Practice. Even without much effort, and just practice, I believe one can’t help but get better at something. Like blogging (which I hate calling blogging) Ill call it writing, well typing. It’s easy this way.

My GOODNESS I ingested a lot yesterday…some things which I will not speak of here. (Note, the pic above is not from Thanksgiving, but from my trip to Austria in August.) We spent the night at our friends’, which was the smart decision. I can’t tell what kind of confusion or guilt I am feeling, but I know it’s nonsense – and I feel it too often. Travel really does throw off my discipline, which is another reason I decided to stay home this weekend.

Om suryaya namaha

I chanted this often while I was gone. It’s a mantra calling upon the sun, the dispeller of darkness. Dispell me from this dark cycle of thought. Dispell us from our ingestion sickness.

I am making a grocery list, and I am very bad at buying snacks, because I dislike buying prepackaged things. Any suggestions? (I want to get more of this nut butter at the next farmer’s market.)

On this note, I have purchased daily multi-vitamins for Jamie and I for the winter…I’ll post more on that soon.

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