DOing it

I made some purchases today – and desired to make more, but it’s December, and Christmas is right around the corner. How come it’s only now that I am 26 and an adult that I know what I would ask for?

Purchase: Avant Guild Membership and Freelance Marketplace subscription. $55 dollars plus $15 monthly.

Desired purchase: Down dog t’s from

My new goal is to either submit something to a literary magazine, or to send one query each week. Doable.

It’s weird to find yourself in the same cycles. The web remembers. It was Dec. 2007 when I last had an Avant Guild membership. It’s December again, life slows down, but I still have yet to accept that. I’m fighting against the freeze! What I really end up doing though, I spreading myself too thin, and taking my focus away from other important things, like the jobs and commitments I have already.

So glad to have spent most of the day with Robynne Anne Locke yesterday! We always get too deep about career and life though, going along with my mood of the last week. I think maybe this cycle is perpetuated by another – the travel cycle. I tend to travel every November. Perhaps it shortens or elongates the fall season, so when December comes, I’m scattered.

December is the prettiest month name.

Beginning delicately,
like shards of thin ice
I place in my mouth,
to taste the winter.
Turned too quickly
the edge is as sharp as a knife –
the iron taste lingers
and blends with the grit
taking me further
into the darkness
of the season.

I decided not go to yoga tonight, since the truck is broken again, and I need tires. I did an experimental practice at home – though I may venture out to buy a bottle of the darkest red to first alleviate my cabin fever before I come back home to relish in it.

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