Cheaters and eaters

I can’t resist alliteration.

I’m out of the raw milk I picked up last week from Family Cow Farmstand. It’s too far to drive regularly, but they are planning on expanding their delivery to include a stop along Route 15 in Essex, and if so, I will definitely join their weekly milk CSA. $5 per half gallon, and yes, $10 per gallon. Not the cheapest I’ve seen, but delivery makes it possible, otherwise, I’d just pay that in gas getting somewhere.

This is the first raw milk I have had for years, maybe even since growing up drinking goat’s milk. I love milk, for years it was my beverage of choice, but I am already ready to boycott the ‘regular’ stuff. Not because of taste, but because I feel as though I am being lied to, and cheated on. This has been a huge reason for my localvore quest lately – true, I certainly think this food is more healthy for us, and for the animals, community etc, but I am really just sick of filling my belly with falsities.

After bringing home the milk last week, in a big glass 1/2 gallon mason jar, I poured off most of the cream to have with our coffee (not big coffee drinkers but we have this stuff from Panama mmmmm), and simply drank most of the rest. Mmm. So when ran out of cream yesterday, I decided to run to the store because I was already looking forward to coffee for the next morning.

I think I spent at least 20 minutes deciding what to buy. First, I went right to the normal dairy section in Hannaford’s, thinking I would get what I usually do, I mean, I’d bee drinking it for years and enjoying it. Well, not so much now. I have been reading a lot of milk literature. Not only about the benefits of raw milk, but about the dangers of mass-production, and even banality of pasteurization. (See this article for information regarding types of milk vs. types of cow…)

I picked up a half-gallon, not wholly satisfied. It was a ‘Vermont’ company, but I do not know how much I trust it, I do not believe it’s really ‘localvore’ because it’s never labeled that and always available in the huge chain grocery stores.

Then I walked towards the ‘Organic’ section to see what I might find. Thinking perhaps Organic Valley half and half would make me feel better, but here again is where my attempt to gain knowledge is turning me away. I know that though organic, this company is still owned by one of the huge companies promoting industrial agriculture. SO what’s the next option? Soy. There are a few choices, even a soy ‘creamer.’ First though: what makes it ‘creamy?’ And why should I choose to support soy, another of our mutilated, industrialized crops? Well, at least it doesn’t have (as many?) dying or sick animals involved. So, organic plan soy milk is what it is. Yummy, but I still left feeling like a fool.

How am I walking around in this land of plenty, and mistrusting everything I see? It’s all going to fill my belly, but I want more than that. We seek truth in all other aspects of our lives, and we deserve to be able to nourish ourselves with it from the inside out.

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