Mind drift, cloud shift

Sunday evening, Jericho, vermont, early summer and later Spring all rolled into one.

We’ve been lucky this year – the last few brought a month-long drizzle in June. There has already been a long, fruitful Spring. I’ve wandered through my forest for the first time, foraged my first ramps and nettles, and come closer to this spot of land. Its eas because it’s so much like my childhood home. Not the hand-made house itself so much, but the dirt roads an the distance I drive to know I’ve gotten there. The safety in unlocked doors, and in a warm bed upstairs. The same sounds, and the quickly shifting and today dark grey clouds over a green horizon. Adjectives.

I began writing about my dad today, I hope I can keep it up. It’s painful already. Perhaps I’m darker than even he was. I’ve been through breakups before, but this was his second divorce. Perhaps it was softer than the first, or maybe that made it even worse. Thinking about the house I grew up in makes me miss it. And remember thanksgivings so well. The best times with his side of the family. I guess that is where I will go for the next ‘chapter.’

Perhaps if I speak less in daily life, words can come more easily on paper. We only have ourselves to experiment with…

Thoughts all over the place, or at least in a few very deep places. I want to write about the progress of the garden. Today I was able to add a few things, before the black flies ingested much of me. I am so glad my dad was able to contribute a lot – he brought me some seed potatoes last week (two are at least starting!), 6 red lettuce plants, of which I can begin to pick at I think for sure. Radishes are going to be the first taste – I could probably pick a couple for breakfast tomorrow…but perhaps I should wait for Jamie. I love to share the first fruits, it’s what it’s all about.

Kale and freckles lettuce from seed are coming up. Peas really need the fence. Carrots are alive, and the spinach may be worth nibbling on. I planted one cuke and one tomato plant today (as from dad.) As well as two of the three delicata squash, in mounds in the low corners. It’s going to get pretty intense in there soon enough. I’m ready!

I transplanted a wild chive, that I believe is the grandchild of the old, big beautiful one that lived near the stone steps. I found it over in the ‘rubble’ beside the yard, where the gravel a sand was pushed. It may have re-sprouted, and it was my favorite thing in the old steps. Let’s hope it takes…I also plan on getting some peppermint to plant among the stones. Let the (semi) wild weeds grow!

So in love with place and person…I am so lucky.

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