Lit Crit

Who actually enjoys reading literary criticism?

Reading it usually gives me the same headache as watching Judge Judy. I feel like if some kind of art is bad, it should just be allowed to wither to the wayside. If for some reason it gains a following, it won’t taint art, the rest of us will still know it’s crap.

I’m putting this out there because it is a required supplement to my application to a creative writing program.

Even when I was editor for the Deli Magazine, we did not want to write negative things. We simply ignored them, and highlighted the positive. It’s what the Deli is still doing.

I do not want to be a critic, I want to create. I suppose to create, most of us have to be critics of our own work – so this essay’s use must be to prove that we are capable of this way of thinking. As humans, though, we constantly judge to stay alive. It’s in our nature. It’s a true and tough practice to get away from this.

Should I just write my essay, or some how be snarky and fit this perspective into it?

One response to “Lit Crit

  1. Criticism by blog comment is the worst :)Do you have any suggestions of good/entertaining literary criticism I could read?

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