No Food Guilt

When was the last time you ate something in which every part of it was good for you?

Eating healthy on vacation is tough. I was in Maine last week, and I ate well, but bologna sandwiches and Bailey’s I would not consider healthy. Even as I placed the stuff in my mouth I was thinking “Why am I eating this?” Tummy overrules my brain often.

I believe that the raw foodists are on to something, and if you’ve check out one of my lats posts, you’ll notice that I’m learning more about this diet. Every meal, absolutely no food guilt. It’s all good for you and necessary for your body…crazy. I’m not ready to go full on, in fact, I don’t think that would make me happy. I do believe in a 40 or 50% diet, and since it’s summer, it’s easier to get fresh, local produce, as well as eat lighter on the whole.

George shared with he a simple recipe for raw tomato sauce – just blend a tomato or two, salt, pepper and few garlic cloves. I used it for salad dressing, but you could put it on anything. Salt is so satisfying, and garlic will give depth to anything, as well as leave you with intense breath for the rest of the day.

I picked some kale from the garden, and wilted it with lemon juice and salt. Then just threw in some sliced avocado (not local I know ahhhh!) and drizzled the tomato sauce over it. So salty, lemony and good. See the pic above.

Here’s another salad I’m proud of, everything from the garden:

I had been craving a kale salad since the raw potluck a few weeks ago. Getting a bit personal here, after that meal, I had three days with amazing bowel movements. Large and clean. Alright, that’s as far as I’ll get into it.

I wasn’t just looking for more of those, but the tart of lemon and dry bite of parsley and kale (did not have parsley on hand this time, but wish I did!) I tend to get obsessed with certain meals, eating them every day for two weeks, then wishing I would not see them again for months. I have actually yet to make the kale salad again, but I will make it (improved version) for the raw dinner we’re planning for next Tuesday at my place. Anyone interested? 🙂


I have just picked up the book “Born to Run,” by Chris McDougall. It’s been recommended to me by quite a few people, and I’m into it. He’s just so good at making what could be a short story into a long one where I want to know all the details. In short, it seems to be about a tribe if Running People who have kept themselves away from modern society by holing up in the desolately beautiful Copper Canyon of Mexico. He’s so good at making them seem magical – I believe it. They’re known to be the best long-distance runners in the world, who live of really nothing more than corn and corn-moonshine. They run hundred of miles at a time over the world’s most dangerous terrain just because it’s in their blood. I haven’t run since I’ve started practicing yoga intensly, but it made me want to wake up early and see how far I could go! …maybe tomorrow.

It’s inspiring in other ways as well. These are not necessarily ‘passionate people,’ Ambitions do not drive them. They’re simply loving life, and no one is telling them not to do these amazing things. The law of intention…kind of. More like just celebrating the body which frees and happifies the mind. (Yup)

Plus, they eat a lot of chia seeds…maybe I’ll order some from Raw Food world and start training for the next ultra-marathon. 😛

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