We all innately desire the ability to provide for ourselves, yet we rely so heavily on others for the basics to live.

Most of us don’t feed ourselves, and only half of us might cook for ourselves. I don’t want to get too negative, because there are certainly benefits to our modern society – more time to follow our passions and spend time with friends, and less time worrying about whether we will survive the winter. But I think the pull to be independent and feed ourselves is still a happy practice.

Everyday I feel lucky to live in Vermont (especially on summer days) because I am surrounded by thoughtful people who also work hard to achieve things they believe in. I think Vermont probably has one of the strongest local food systems in the country, but we’re still losing large farms and farmers daily to financial problems.

This yer, my garden is better than ever before (I’ve posted some pictures in the last posts.) but truthfully I am growing for fun, maybe getting enough broccoli for a week of eating, and peas and radishes for daily salads for a couple of months. Even this small amount of food is satisfying to my core. It’s not as though “I made this,” but it’s more like “I cooperate with the rules of nature to create something successfully.”

Like any art project, you need materials to work with, and this one required seeds, dirt and sun.

My brother and his friend were visiting this weekend, and yesterday I promised a cup of coffee and a garden tour. Justin, currently living in Boston, and as far as I know who has never desired to farm or garden said under his breath a few times “I want to have a garden…”

I do not think it was the mystery of life, or the magic of watching things grow from a tiny seed into food – I think it was more of a provider’s desire – the idea that with a little time and digging, we can create something that sustains and supplements life.

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