Another RAW Potluck

Photo by George Mihaly

…This time at my place!

I made an all local dish (well, PA peaches were thrown in there, but they were sold at the local farm stand) that consisted of blueberries, raw corn right off of the cob, cubed peaches, a cubed tomato, chopped mint and parsley. I thought it was amazing, and no dressing or sweetener! I got the idea from a cookbook I saw in Maine, that told of blueberry and corn salsa.

Ashley brought some fresh juice, Liza and Chris a salad, along with some raw, fermented dressing they found in-store. George made nori rolls and brought another Durian which seems to have just become an event – I still don’t like the taste! to go with the nori, he made a dipping sauce of almonds, garlic and salt – it tasted like ranch dressing (well, all the good parts about ranch dressing.) Claire made an incredible dessert, again – cute little raw chocolate cupcakes, with walnuts and cacao nibs. I mean incredible, like I would pay money for them, wouldn’t you?

Photo by George Mihaly

This was only my second raw potluck, and I was so happy to have it at my place. I was so happy to have everyone over for anything, so I could pull the big dining room table out on the deck, and we could hang outside in the too-short summer weather.

It was also interesting to be introducing Liza and Chris into raw foods – not that they were completely new to the idea, but to show them their were recipes other than salads. George and Claire are the hard cores, so they explained a lot and we all soaked it in. Both Liza and Chris already do not eat wheat or dairy, so incorporating a lot of raw foods into their diet is an important goal for them.

Check out a few more pics, all taken by George – his blog can be found here:

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