Hiking Camel’s Hump

There are now at least a few camels in Vermont, but I am assuming they arrived in only the last 20 years or so. A friend had recently mentioned to me that the large mountain, that most of us know as Camel’s Hump, has a native named of Crouching Lion. This refers to the (now extinct?) Catamount, a large mountain lion that used to dominate this region.

Anyway, Jamie and I hiked this mountain on Sunday, pretty much on a whim. Even halfway up, we were not sure if we would go to the top. Then, we were just so close, I decided we had to keep going. …and then it looked like Ireland at the summit. A bit wet and certainly cold. No views, but still amazing, natural and beautiful.

That morning, we had gone out and bought some Vibram five-fingers, and headed straight for the trail. Every other person stopped us to ask about them, and even though we’re newbies, we tried to answer. So much conversation on the trail. They are extremely comfortable, like having invincible bare feet! (Until I stubbed my toe 😉 ) Very light, and fun, which is all that matters. A kid passed us and said simply, “Those are the coolest shoes ever!”

Wahoo! This hike was one of my goals for the summer. 🙂

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