Blessed Herbs, Day 4

Hi, again. I’m doing a lot of work for tripwolf today. My mind feels ok, I can still focus, but I think I am forgetting things more easily. I always have a bit of struggle keeping things in my brain, but they seem to be fleeing faster today….

Sleeping in a lot this week – I suppose I like the excuse, but I also like to wake up, and be tempted to get even more work done by making myself a cup of coffee (it was tea for years, but Costa Rica got me in her grips!) for motivation.

What’s wrong with food for motivation? 🙂 I use my body a lot, for pleasure, and I guess you could call teaching ‘work.’ Food is fuel, of course, and food is art and expression that I get to ingest! Food is coming back into my life very soon 😉

This said, I think I am going to break my fast tomorrow. If I can get through today safely. I am teaching tonight, and twice tomorrow. My circulation is not so good, I’m chilly, and feeling pretty dizzy today. Being ‘aware’ of this situation require me to listen to my body and make changes. Whatever is going on int he toilet is not impressing me so much, so it’s time to end, even though it’s a bit early.

My ‘make it to the top’ stubbornness is pushing me to at least get through today. I am going to take shakes until my juice is gone, and then be done. No reason to potentially hurt myself in this experiment. That is NOT the idea, and I think I am just over it haha.

Well, 4 entire days without wheat, sugar, dairy, caffeine etc etc etc is a nice restart anyway! 🙂 Tomato in the garden – YOU ARE MINE.

Thanks for listening. Have you ever tried anything like this? What do you think?

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