Meteor Showers

I believe that observing the moon cycles connects us with our natural world. These huge and seemingly otherworldly objects are surrounding us continuously, and perhaps even affecting our daily lives (or our fate) yet our viewpoint is literally closed off to them a majority of the time. Most of the time we don’t turn our mind away from the small, petty details of our human lives to look up, or inwards or well, really, shift the focus from the usual distance of skin to skin, human to human.

I’m trying to sound positive, really 🙂 This is natural to us. It’s still humbling and strangely comforting (and healthy) to take some time to feel tiny, insignificant, even, and feel the connection to the large and beautiful movement of the universe!

Back to the moon cycles, I enjoy being around Scott and the studio because in the tradition of Ashtanga as taught by Pattahbi Jois, we observe the full and new moon. We do not practice Mysore on those days, partly because the energy around them is auspicious for rest, and to make this part of the cycle more sacred. Of course, any mention of moon cycles make me think of menstruation – this is the second month I have decided to stay off of my birth control. I am definitely not trying to have any sort of babies any time soon, but I have been serious about detoxing my body, eating better, practicing yoga, so why why why throw in synthetic hormones? (Plus, having a healthy/non-manipulated reproductive system seems like common sense in a world where fertility drugs are becoming more and more prevalent.)

I have lost 5 pounds just from going off of it – and I really do not usually fluctuate. Also, I’m still regular, and still seem to be on the full-moon cycle. OK, that’s enough info 😛

Wednesday and Thursday of last week was the Perseid Meteor shower! Jamie and I pulled some blankets out on the lawn both nights and looked up or hours. We just put our hoodies and sweatpants on, and cuddled under an old comforter. Shutting out all the lights, of course, we then blasted VPR’s broadcast with the ‘an eye on the night sky’ guy out of the windows. We even fell asleep out there on Wednesday, only waking up once the dew began to settle – it became pretty darn cold by 2:30 am.

It’s times like those where I feel most connected to what’s real. I’m participating in the passing of time, not just noticing later how much has slipped by. We all need more of the moments where we live in the pool of awareness. I desire to dip my toes in more often.

2 responses to “Meteor Showers

  1. 1. We are in the market for a lunar calendar for Maggie that tells the stage of the moon on the exact day–I had one as a kid and loved it.2. We haven't used synthetic hormones for birth control in years and have had no trouble preventing pregnancy (nor achieving said state exactly when we wished). It's nice not to worry about it.

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