A free weekend

This summer has been a great one, a busy one! I think the last 8 weekend I have had some agenda, some driving plans or adventure. This weekend, I get to enjoy Vermont!

Jamie had thought of going down to New Jersey to visit friends and family, but the weather down there (Earl!) helped to make our decision to stay around here much easier.

Phew. It’s been a long week. I don’t think I have ever felt this relieved to have two full days off. 🙂 I am becoming a believer in the weekend (as my days of having an easy two days off dwindle….)

I’ve been surfing the Vermont State Parks website for hours this morning, as Jamie sleeps off last night’s car-bombs and the week’s doubles at the Wind Jammer. What a different wilderness experience, planning it out online with a cup of warm coffee next to me before I even step outside. I bet the state parks have more visitors than ever before, though.

It could get down into the 40’s tonight – kind of a bummer for the ‘long weekend’ (neither Jamie or I really get the long weekend) after a week of days in the 90’s. But I am really looking forward to building a fire and even breaking out the winter hats. The leaves will certainly feel the weekend.

I have had to be very frugal because of the job shift, and the two weeks off (5 total) I am taking to go to Kripalu, but I can’t help thinking of the food we should buy bring that does not include the words hot and dog.

I think Maybe I’ll bring along my cast iron pan 🙂 Maybe garlic, kale, white beans over the fire? Hahaha. Done.

One of the parks we may visit is in Hyde Park. Hyde Park, Vermont is about an hour from here along route 15 and 100, and it’s also the location of Applecheek Farm, the farm from where Jamie and I were getting our meat share this Spring. I’d love to visit, or even just check out the small town.

The other park that’s tempting me is called Brighton State Park, and it’s smack in the middle of the Northeast Kingdom. I have to be truthful, and one reason I’d like to visit here as well is that the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium in St. Johnsbury is nearby.

No matter where we go, I really hope to avoid any car-camping – I think we had enough of that two weekends ago haha. The Escape is not as cozy as we’d hoped.

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