When is Awareness Too Much Knowing?

NPR, I love you, but…

When you report on what the CIA is doing, I don’t believe they’d really be telling us that.

When you interview an men and women in Japan about their fears for their family’s exposure to radiation, and they say they don’t mind dying, but just fear for there families and think they’re government is lying to them, how is that helping…anything?

When you broadcast BBC, I used to love feeling connected, but now I think they’re all insensitive and poor reporters.

When you interview military strategists about their specific strategies and plans, I don’t think we should know.

When you tell me how much the no-fly zone over Lybia is costing our government daily, I just question human intelligence (again.)

Why surround us with sounds and sights of war, when we may be feeling at peace?

Much of your news has been so depressing, I have been turning the dial to the country station.  I do not feel aware and engaged, I feel sad, and more distant than ever.  Though we think we have the right to know everything our government, or others’ governments are doing around the world, we don’t seem to be making better decisions based on this information.  It just seems we’re looking through a more narrow lens than ever.  Thoughts?

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