Things I want to Stop Buying and Starting Making

I have been inspired by a post on one of my favorite food blogs ~ ~ that muses on a cracker recipe from the book, “The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods you can stop buying and start making.”

Old Pump Farms Garlic

Old Pump Farms Garlic

I think I can put a few things on this list.  And I want this list to grow.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing more liberating than knowing you can feed yourself.

This year, the garlic in my garden is second generation “Old Pump Farms,” as I know jokingly call the home my fiance and I rent.  I planted cloves from the garlic I grew last year, which I bought just from City Market in Burlington, a couple of local bulbs themselves.  Those are up and running, surviving the freak weather pattern 2012 has brought with her.

I used the rest of last Fall’s crop all winter, and the past few weeks, as the stores ran dry, I’ve been out back harvesting wild ramps’ garlic-y goodness.  And when those pass, it may be time to use the scapes, or even pull  up a head or two of green garlic if I need to.  How perfect.  

We successfully brewed some maple syrup this year as well ~ again, even in spite of the FWP (freak weather pattern) that brought 85 degree days in early March and a stop to the sugar run.  I am not being super conservative with the few pints we made, though I am certainly enjoying it.  And truthfully, when it runs out, I won’t be buying anymore, well, just because it’s going to be so darn pricey.

I am also very proud of myself for making my very first hard cider ~ there was an investment here, and will be to keep the wheel turning ~ I bought the raw cider from an orchard miles down the street, and have been lucky enough to be guided by a knowledgeable friend through the process.  We bottle soon.  I have spent a good amount of the winter sober, and I am very much looking forward to sipping on some crisp cider when the hot days come.   Imbibing intoxicating substances is made more light and free when it’s at the end of a long process involving community, rather than simply an exchange of cash for a high.

This year fiance’s going to turn into husby, and he’s also going to be keeping bees.  We are trying not to have any expectations, but we would be so grateful to have some honey.  I know how much work he’s put into researching how to keep the bees healthy and happy, so Godspeed to him!

For a while I was hoping to put bread on this list ~ I do make chapatis, little Indian flatbreads, to go with most curry-like things, and I have also finally figured out how to make good yeast bread and pizza dough (suck it up and use all-purpose flour) though I can not say I no longer buy bread.  Though I am trying to cut down on gluten, too, so both these options lessen the bread intake, from whatever source.

Yogurt ~ we’re banking on getting another raw milk share, and I will most certainly be making yogurt again!

Have any more ideas for me?  

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