I’m off for India…


The countdown has begun…My husband and I head to India at the end of this month, for 6 weeks. I am continuing my studies in Ayurveda with two of my first teachers, Dr. Partap Chauhan and his brother, Satya Narayan Das at Jiva Ayurveda in Faridabad.  This trip has truly been years in the making.  Over the past few months, once the tickets had been purchased and the VISA received, I have felt, fear, anxiety, and now finally excitement!  The practice through all of these feelings has been to be detached, to just be able to see the emotion, and integrate my experiences with relaxation, meditation/yoga.

The hardest thing to detach from is the more positive emotion – excitement!  Husby is always reminding me that excitement goes hand in hand with expectation, and expectation leads to judgment, and can lead ultimately to dissatisfaction or sadness.  Excitement feels like exploding and expanding prana, or energy, often out of my heart center.  My practice is staying grounded, staying present.  Deep breathing and meditation on my breath, body and pranic body will help me stay present, stay in  a loving and non-judgmental space, and ground that energy that could blossom into anxiety after a long trip.  I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

I’ll be back in mid-March, resuming my work and taking appointments for consultation and bodywork.  Join the Adena Rose Ayurveda mailing list so I can send you India news, plus info on workshops and yoga classes upon my return…here’s a sneak peak:

  • – Benefits of Massage (and self-massage) Talk at Farrell Chiropractic (April -TBD)
  • How to Make and Use Ghee: Workshop at Dharma Door, Underhill (coming soon)
  • – Continued studies in Ayurveda in India (Feb-Mar)
  • – Spring Cleaning with Yoga and Ayurveda, workshop at Indy Yoga (Sat. Mar 23)
  • – Guided Community Spring Cleanse with Ayurveda (Apr-May)
  • – Balanced Life Retreat with Dr. Claudia Welch at Stoweflake (May 17 – 22)
  • – The Art of Being: Yoga, Ayurveda and You Theme Week and Retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica (Aug 31-Sept 7)



One response to “I’m off for India…

  1. Happy and safe travels! I can’t wait to hear about your experience. It’s exciting to see all your upcoming workshops! We should host a retreat together in 2014!

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