Ayurvedic Awareness: Spring

You might notice that this idea of a “Spring Cleanse” is popping up all over the place.  It’s not just a marketing scheme – if you’ve ever heard of cleansing, or thought of trying it, it is literally the season, according the Ayurveda.  The change in the weather (even with this latest snow storm it IS on it’s way, there’s no denying it!) starts to melt that deep freeze of January and February – that solidity of the Earth and Water elements that were stagnant in deep winter.  These elements, which we can see literally in their most gross forms as earth/dirt and ice, make up what we call Kapha dosha.  In the body, Kapha is what keeps us lubricated ~ synovial fluid in the joints, adipose tissue that pads organs and muscle, and mucosa linings.  Kapha keeps us grounded, keeps us warm and safe during the deep cold winter which would deplete us otherwise!


When Spring comes, Kapha is on the move, melting, slipping, and sliding around to make its way out, because for Summer, that extra stuff will no longer be needed – it would actually only weigh us down.  As Kapha moves on out, it shows up just like mud season – in the form of something sticky, and sludgy, kind of like mucus.  This is often the cause of those Spring time colds everyone’s getting.  That stuff can also create blockages in the GI tract, especially if it’s mixed with a build up of toxins, or what we call ama, that may be sticking around from over eating during the holidays, or from a past sickness.

Kapha and Ama have some similar qualities, they’re both sticky, heavy, and, especially in Spring time, need to be moved on out.  Cleansing in the Spring time is best because it’s easy to focus on lightening up – eating pungent and bitter greens like arugula, dandelion, and mustard greens which will start popping up in farmer’s markets, and otherwise starting some Spring cleaning for body and mind. You might make it a goal to do 15 sun salutations per day, or get rid of 100 things around your house…there are many ways to make it your own!

Ayurveda has a very specific idea about what cleansing means ~ it’s not just about purging the toxins, but about rejuvenation as well.  We all work hard, and give so much of ourselves between job, family and workouts, that it’s important to refuel every once in a while as well.  A proper Ayurvedic cleanse should leave you feeling light, but grounded, clear, but stable, happy and inspired.  The results are not always immediate, but keep expounding in the weeks and days afterward.

For more information about the Ayurvedic perspective of a cleanse, check out this post – or consider being guided through a cleanse.  Find more information at Adena Rose Ayurveda, or email me any time and I’m happy to answer your questions: adena [at] adenaroseayurveda [dot] com

You may also join me for this workshop at IndyYoga:

Spring Cleaning for Body and Mind with Yoga and Ayurveda

3/23 Sat. 9:30-11:30am   $25      Beginners and up

Come learn about Yoga’s sister science in healing, Ayurveda with Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and AyurYoga teacher, Adena Harford.Gracefully emerge out of the deep cold of winter and into the vibrancy of spring with some simple seasonal Ayurvedic principles. Yoga tailored for Spring will follow the discussion. Individual Ayurvedic Consultations will be available at IndyYoga by appointment after the workshop. Book ahead with Indy at indyyoga@comcast.net.

Be well!

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