An Introduction to Kitchari and Cleansing: A 1 Day Simple Cleanse

// You have probably noticed information going around about my 7 Day cleanse course, An Ayurvedic Cleanse. I am getting great feedback from my first round of participants, who have already experienced changes in their well-being. Changes in their body after just 7 days of changing their diet utilizing Ayurvedic digestion principles! This stuff never ceases to amaze me, that’s why I love sharing it.

Even though in reality, a week can just fly by, it can be daunting for those new to Ayurveda to feel confident about diving into a 7 Day cleanse.  So I have created an introduction to kitchari and cleansing, for those who really want to start cleansing, but need baby steps.

BookCoverShotKitch copyAnd believe me, there is nothing wrong with baby steps.  When I first tried to cleanse with kitchari, I couldn’t make it three days.  Then the next season, I tried again and made it to 5, and now seasonally, I regularly do a 7+ day cleanse, depending on what I need.  Changing our habits is one of the hardest things to do.  I had not realized how attached I was so food, to tastes, to ingredients!  Though this is a nourishing meal, I felt like I was depriving myself – but of what?  These types of questions allowed me to go deeper into my relationship with nourishment and satisfaction as well.  Allowed me to start thinking deeper about spirituality.

Also in this beautiful PDF guide, I present questions and possible journal topics for you to muse upon.  When we get to take time to reflect we transfer our experiences through the intellectual body, into memory and awareness.

This 10 page guide includes:

  • When and why to eat kitchari
  • A 1 Day cleanse outline
  • Information of the idea of fasting and good digestion according to Ayurvedic principles
  • Tips for Optimal Digestion
  • An introduction to dinacharya
  • 3 Kitchari recipes – how to tailor it to the seasons
  • Topics to reflect on after your cleansing day

Download now for just $12 so you can start simple and try a 1 Day cleanse to get a taste of the 7 Day Program.

Love, Adena

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