Spring Cleansing Info and Recorded Call

In the Spring time, our physiology is ready to lighten up.  Listen to my recording about why we cleanse in Ayurveda, and why Spring is a natural time to cleanse, here. ramp

The coupon code for Feb 6 – 9, 2014 is ALILSELFLOVE14, and it is good for 15% off my 7 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse Course.  (Get it? A little self love for V-Day?)

*You can use this code in my Square Market only.

Sign up this weekend to get the discount, and begin your cleanse when you are ready – you will have access to the classroom for at least 6 months – there is no rush. (But remember, Spring is best! 🙂 )

*Before you place your order, be sure the enter the code, right above the price in the lower right hand corner. Once again, find the link to the free recording on Ayurvedic home cleansing this Spring here.

Not ready for a full 7 Days? Try just one…

Leave your questions in the comments section!

Love, Adena

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