Craving Chlorophyll?

I am. It’s mid-February, mid-winter here in Vermont. We just got over 12″ of snow in the last 24 hours – walking out behind my house, it’s up to mid-thigh. FUN!

This snow is actually water – of course we know that. It can be easy to forget, because it seems dry, because all the moisture is frozen, that the water element is all around us. We’re transitioning from Vata season, into Kapha season. It’s important to take both into account now, and stay warm, dry, loose and limber. Aromatic spices can help keep the lymph moving, and lungs clear.

As we come deeper into Kapha season, the effects really coming full force when we hit March up here, things get damp and cold quickly. Dry, pungent, aromatic spices can help keep us healthy, as well as starting to incorporate more bitter and astringent tastes. I have been craving sprouts, and started to grow them at home. In this video, I’m sharing some simple kitchen medicine that will keep you healthy this time of year, a late winter masala (spice mix) recipe, and an easy way to grow sprouts at home! Love, Adena


I had the best intentions to and grind all of this, then got lazy halfway through and switch to the electric grinder 🙂


Roasting cumin and brown mustard seeds.


Broccoli sprouts, 4 days old.

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