En-lighten Up: Spring Cleanse

Do you want to get a handle on Spring allergies?  Know you need to get out of your cycle of stress, but not sure how to break free? 
5 discount coupons available
for my 7-Day Online Cleanse Course
The first 5 people to use the code SPRINGCLEANING14
get 30% off the full price.

This cleanse is full of

practical tools for balancing mind, body and spirit not only for the week, but for your whole life.  There are only 5 coupons available.

Questions about the course?
Simply reply to this email with your questions.
Love, Adena
“Thank you so much for your beautiful seven day ayurvedic cleanse. I loved every bit of it. I have never enjoyed a cleanse before, but every aspect of your program was gentle, flexible, yummy, and inspiring. The morning routines easily fit my schedule and the self massage and yoga were delightfully nurturing.The food was delicious, filling, and restorative as well as cleansing. I have even more energy, more peace, and more inspiration than before!  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom and experience to help  create what felt, to me, much more like a home spa week, than any cleanse I have ever experienced in the past.”   — Ann Albers, Author, Spiritual Instructor

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